Stone Colors & Profiles

QuarryView product is offered in three distinct Eldorado Stone® color options

Dry Creek
Dry Creek
Pagosa Springs
Pagosa Springs

Color depiction may vary due to browser settings. Colors shown are only a representation of standard colors offered and should not be used as a substitute for manufacturer provided samples.

Tech Data

Eldorado Stone is designed to meet or exceed building code requirements. Independent testing confirms compliance with ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria 51 and ASTM C1670, standard specification for Adhered Stone Veneer.Supporting test data is available upon request.Local building codes may vary by area. Always check with your local building authorities before installing stone. For additional technical information please visit:

Light weight aggregate ASTM C33, C330 & C331
Portland cement ASTM C150, ACI 318
Mineral oxide pigments ASTM C979

Code Acceptability & Certification
UL Registered Mineral composition units
Surface burning characteristics
Flame Spread 0
Smoke Developed 0
California Building Code
Florida Building Code
Los Angeles Research Report #25589
HUD Materials Release #910
ASTM C1670
CE Declaration of Conformity NR #290905-5

Freeze-thaw Durability
Tested in accordance with ASTM C666 & C1364
Less than 1.5 percent weight loss at 50 cycles; passed
Less than 5 percent weight loss at 300 cycles; passed

Shear Bond (Adhesion)
Tested in accordance with ASTM C482
Greater than 50 psi shear bond strength

Tested in accordance with ASTM C1670,
ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria 51 & ASTM C140

Saturated Density
Tested in accordance with ASTM C1670
Weight less than 15 lbs. per sq. ft., saturated

Thermal Resistance
Tested in accordance with ASTM C177
R value: 0.528 (ft2-F-hr)/BTU at 1.48" thickness

Compressive Strength
Testing in accordance with C192 & C39
Compressive strength is greater than 2100 psi

Tensile Strength
Exceeds requirement of ASTM C190

Flexural Strength
Exceeds requirement of ASTM C348

Weight Per Square Foot
All adhered veneer profiles weigh less than
15 lbs. per square foot

Wind Load Testing
Tested in accordance with ASTM E330 at
150 mph wind speed; passed

For QuarryView accent color options click here.

For QuarryView glass color options click here.

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