There is more to SUSTAINABILITY than just rating systems.

We strive to make SiteScapes’ offerings as sustainable as possible, by using environmentally friendly production methods, and designing durable, low maintenance site furnishings. Goods that need replacing every few years, result in products ending up in the waste stream, and leads a consumer to purchase again. The resources required to make a new product, and the financial means to purchase it negatively impact both the consumer and the environment. Durable products can lead to fewer items sold, less manufacturing and raw materials costs, and a lower environmental impact.

From our design and manufacturing processes to our weld placement and quality, our first effort is to make an excellent, long-lasting product. It’s the reason why we use stainless steel for all foot plates, and why we take extra precautions in preparing material for powder coating. We thoughtfully consider the user, the impact of our products on the surrounding environment, and the lifespan of all of our furnishings. "Good enough" is not quite good enough at SiteScapes.

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