Earth Planter Self-Watering System

Earth Planter

Download - EarthPlanter Information (PDF)

SiteScapes now offers EarthPlanter Premium Self-Watering Inserts as an option for a large selection of our planters. The Earth Planter system is the perfect solution for any commercial application that wants the beauty of real plants without the daily maintenance.


  • Planting Tray Design promotes excellent water retention, aeration and drainage.
  • Large Water Reservoir allows you to go weeks between watering.
  • Built-in Overflow Assembly ensures planter can’t be overfilled and eliminates costly rot issues.
  • RapidWick System automatically adjusts water flow based on soil conditions.
  • Rotational Molding produces an extremely durable plastic liner perfect for planters.


  • Average Watering Interval: once every 3 weeks.
  • Labor, Equipment and Fuel Savings: $1000-$2000 per month, including the elimination of weekend overtime to keep planters watered.
  • Return on Investment: containers pay for themselves in one summer.
  • Water Usage: up to 80% less water usage than in traditional planter.
  • Plant Growth: bigger, more vibrant growth versus traditional pots.
  • Contains recycled plastic and 100% recyclable.
  • Planting tray depth: 8”, Soil capacity: 1.45 cubic feet, Water capacity: 9 gallons.

Winter Care

  • Drain - Unscrew the lower bolt at the base of your planter. When water stops draining you should tip the planter towards the drain plug to ensure all remaining water is released.
  • Remove - Remove all plants, roots and soil (removing soil is optional).
  • Inspect - Upon emptying your containers you will notice the wick is embedded with dirt and roots. This is completely normal and over the next several weeks the wick, soil and any remaining roots will dry out.
  • Store (optional) - Planters should be stored inside or under protective covering if possible. If kept outside the planters should be stored with the drain plug removed and/or upside down to prevent water from entering the reservoir and freezing during winter weather.

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