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Signal Fill-Level Sensors

Signal measures trash receptacle fill-level status and sends real time data wirelessly to the accompanying network. Obtaining real time receptacle data allows for maximum collection efficiency and cost savings.

With Signal, you can identify high priority containers and pressing issues at a glance, saving time and money spent collecting half full waste bins and relocating those resources to more productive endeavors.

Plan collection routes more efficiently with Signal’s accompanying web based software. Receive notifications when fill levels spike or bins report fire hazards. Rest easy knowing your receptacles are monitored by Signal.


  • Continuously monitors fill level, location, fire-hazard, and collection status
  • Automatically updates container locations when relocated
  • Customizable reporting with real-time alerts and notifications
  • Web-based portal accessible from anywhere and any device
  • Access real-time and historical data for analysis and efficient dispatching
  • Compatible in dual litter and recycling containers, with one combined service fee

Signal Software

Signal by Sitescapes ultra sonic sensors come fully integrated with Sitescapes trash receptacles and recycling bins lids, and are ready to be activated once the receptacle has been installed on site. Activation of the Signal dashboard is performed by placing the provided magnetic fob over the activation indicator located on the side of the sensor. Activation can be done onsite in the field using any internet connected mobile device or smartphone. No installation required and no ongoing maintenance with wireless remote configuration and software updates.


Obtaining real time receptacle data allows for maximum collection efficiency and cost savings. With a built-in GPS sensor, Signal tracks the location of each receptacle and relays this information to a custom portal and reporting dashboard. The web-based portal is accessible on smartphones, tablets, and any other connected device allowing collection employees to quickly check the status of containers and dispatch as necessary.

Fill-Level History

Benefits of the Signal dashboard include customizable alerts and notifications regarding fill levels, collection status, and fire-hazards. Identify high priority bins and improve community satisfaction with no overlooked, overflowing, or over-fragrant bins. View listings of individual container details with filters to isolate variables and narrow your search quickly.

Plan Routes

Signal software allows you to filter bins by customizable fill-levels and automatically generates collection routes for drivers. Improve efficiencies and elimination of wasteful fuel costs and overall environmental impact. Manage user details and assign users and containers to groups for easy organization and reference

Container Detail

Dive deeper with current and historical data, as well as technical details for each receptacle. Discover analytical trends and patterns at specific locations and plan for future deployment. Armed with this information you can allocate more resources or plan for subsequent bins in high traffic areas.


  • Signal devices are compatible with most Sitescapes trash receptacles and recycling bins.
  • Ultrasonic 40 kHz fill-level sensor monitors waste capacity of solids and liquids to within 1cm (0.4”).
  • Fire detection temperature sensor alerts of temperature spike or fire-hazards.
  • GPS L1 C/A Location Sensor relays receptacle physical location.
  • Sensors are concealed within receptacle lids with tamper resistant hardware and protected by 14 GA steel sensor cover plate.
  • Sensor enclosure is made of ABS/polycarbonate flame resistant material.
  • All metal fabricated lids are powder coated to comply with SiteScapes rigorous sepcifications.
  • Self-contained, easily replacable, 3.6V high performance lithium battery with an estimated life of 3 years. Battery life may vary depending on configuration, transmission frequency, and wireless signal.
  • Operating temperatures rated at -22° – 175° F.

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Standard Signal Sensor Lids
LID-CV01-SG CityView, Cable Down, Dome Top, Signal Lid 24"x12" 25#
LID-CV02-SG CityView, Cable Down, Ash Top, Signal Lid 24"x12" 25#
LID-CV11-SG CityView, Bolt Down, Dome Top, Signal Lid 24"x12" 25#
LID-CV12-SG CityView, Bolt Down, Ash Top, Signal Lid 24"x12" 25#

With Signal, real-time monitoring of trash receptacles allows for maximum collection efficiencies and cost savings. To schedule an online demonstration and review the user-friendly dashboard and reporting within the Signal Portal, please contact

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