TallGrass Large Round

The TallGrass TG2-3000 waste receptacle is a large round top opening heavy duty trash receptacle with style. TallGrass receptacles include natural grass pattern laser cut panels into their design.


  • Container - 7 Ga. Laser Cut Steel
  • Backing Shell - 1/16" Aluminum Sheet
  • Support Bars - 1" x 3/4" Steel Flat Bar
  • Foot plates - 1/4" x 1 1/2" stainless steel
  • Ash inlay - 13 ga. stainless steel ash pan
  • Liner - High Density Polyethylene liner with handles


Choose flat, dome, ash or enclosed top; powdercoat or Duracoat finish; and color.

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TallGrass Large Round Products
TG2-3000 36 Gal. Capacity, Flat Top 25" x 35" 300#
TG2-3001 36 Gal. Capacity, Dome Top 25" x 44" 305#
TG2-3002 36 Gal. Capacity, Ash Top 25" x 44" 310#
TG2-3003 36 Gal. Capacity, Enclosed Top 25" x 44" 305#


TallGrass receptacles have a recycled material content of 99% of which 87% is post consumer content. This content may vary based on the product design, product material type, and interchangeable piece parts. All styles are 100% recyclable. For more information about SiteScapes sustainable products and policies, please refer to our Environmental Statement.

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