Bamboo Option

Bamboo Option Sustainable Hardwood Substitute


SiteScapes is excited to offer laminated composite Bamboo as a sustainable hardwood option for all ipe and recyceld plastic products in five beautiful stain finishes.

Benefits of Bamboo Plastic Include:
• Rapidly renewable bio-based resource.
• Unlike other crops, babmoo can be harvested without replanting and requires no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers to grow.
• Resists rot, mildew and termites.
• Typcal bamboo forest sequesters around 35% more carbon than a like sized timber forest
• Replaces 30% of its biomass per year compared to timber forest that replaces 3% to 5% per year
• To maintain a desired finish appearance and to prevent eventual checking, periodic maintenance may be required.  Staining is required for valid warranty.
• 30% more stable in moisture and temperature changes than timber.
• Laminated Veneer Babmoo handles similar to most hardwoods and carries a "Class B" fire rating.
• Is aesthetically pleasing and includes a beautiful grain pattern.

Avondale Seating with Bamboo seat surface.

To Specify Bamboo
Append “-BB” to product model number followed by powder finish suffix and specify stain. Example AV1-1000-BB-PF (Clear).


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