Green Globes Certification for New Construction

The Green Globes NC tool is a user-friendly web application that helps architects, engineers, construction professionals, owners, and building operators to evaluate, quantify, and improve the environmental friendliness and sustainability of new building projects as well as major renovations. This tool enables project teams to focus on sustainability, consider options in environmental improvements during the design and delivery process, and evaluate and rate the benefits of different design scenarios.

SiteScapes’ products may help achieve points in the following categories:

3.3.10 Energy Efficient Transportation

  • Requirements
  • Is there sheltered bicycle parking for:

    • At least 5% of the maximum number of office building occupants?
    • At least 50% of units in a multi-family residential building?
  • SiteScapes Contribution
  • SiteScapes offers a wide variety of bike parking options that are perfect for bike security and storage.

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