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STEEL: SiteScapes, Inc. purchases its steel materials from steel mills that primarily utilize Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) technology. The EAF technology makes use of post-consumer scrap steel by melting it down for reuse in new steel materials. 

SiteScapes, Inc. products are manufactured of primarily steel flat bar, steel solid square bar and steel sheet materials. As you can see from the below data, our mill vendors report excellent levels of recycled content in each of these materials allowing SiteScapes, Inc. to provide environmentally friendly steel products for use in Green Building applications or LEED programs.

Product Recycled Content
Steel Bar Products 96.91% : 83.97% Post Consumer + 12.94% Pre-Consumer
Steel Sheet Products 63.41% : 30.85% Post-Consumer + 32.55% Pre-Consumer
Steel Tubing 34.2% : 18.0% Post-Consumer + 16.2% Pre-Consumer

DUCTILE CAST -Bench Ends: SiteScapes, Inc. ductile cast iron bench ends are poured with 60% post-consumer materials and 40% nodular pig iron. In addition, a small percentage of the make up of the nodular pig iron (iron ore, coke and limestone) is also post-consumer resources.

GRAY CAST - Tree Grates: All tree grate base materials are 100% post-consumer materials. These materials are derived from the melting of shredded auto bodies, scrap steel, used engine blocks etc. No pig iron is utilized in this production process.

WOOD: SiteScapes, Inc. purchases its wood materials from IBAMA (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and the Renewal of Natural Resources) registered mills. All wood is certified to provide the product origin and compliance with all legal log harvesting policies. In addition, these mills participate in "Fields to Forests" reforestation programs. As a result, a tropical tree is replanted in a certified plantation program for every 500 board feet of lumber supplied.  Ipe wood naturally resists splintering, rot, decay, insects and mold without the use of toxic chemical treatments.

RECYCLED PLASTIC: 100% Post-Industrial Recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the only product used as the raw material base in the production of these items. No other products such as, wood pulp, wood fiber, or fiberglass are used. We love this option for its longevity, low maintenance, and ability to withstand salt, acids, and insects.  I addition, it does not leech or bleed toxins or carcinogens into the soil or marine ecology.   The solid extrusion process used to make this material is the highest quality method for making recycled plastic lumber.   
An average SiteScapes bench diverts the equivalent of over 400 milk jugs from the landfill!

Powder coatings are made without solvents, and emit zero VOCs during manufacturing.  The unused or oversprayed powder can be recovered and reused, so waste is minimal and can be disposed of easily and safely.   This finish is durable, resistant to scratching, marring, erosion and perfect for high-traffic applications where a long-lasting product is needed.

* Numbers represented above are an average based on steel mill provided information. For project specific information contact SiteScapes.

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