Circle Rack

Circle Rack Bike Parking is a single loop style rack named after it's simple geometry. Racks can be installed easily in any formation to fit the needs of your space.


  • Tubing – 2" schedule 40 steel tubing
  • Foot Plates - 7 1/2" dia. x 1/4" stainless steel


Choose embedded or surface mount; powdercoat, Duracoat, galvanized or stainless steel finish; and color.

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Circle Rack Products
CR2-02-EM 2 Capacity, Embedded Mount 3" x 40" x 50" 40lbs.
CR2-02-EM-SQ 2 Capacity, Embedded Mount, Square Tubing 3" x 40" x 50" 40lbs.
CR2-02-EM-SF 2 Capacity, Embedded Mount, Stainless Finish 3" x 40" x 50" 40lbs.
CR2-02-SM 2 Capacity, Surface Mount 3" x 40" x 33" 35lbs.
CR2-02-SM-SQ 2 Capacity, Surface Mount, Square Tubing 3" x 40" x 33" 35lbs.
CR2-02-SM-SF 2 Capacity, Surface Mount, Stainles Finish 3" x 40" x 33" 35lbs.


Circle Rack bike racks have a minimum recycled material content of 34.2% of which 18% is post consumer content. This content may vary based on the product design, product material type, and interchangeable piece parts. Recycled content estimates are an average based on steel mill provided information for steel tubing product. For more information about SiteScapes sustainable products and policies, please refer to our environmental statement.

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