Courtyard Square

Courtyard CT8-2000 tree grates are square with a concentric pattern.


  • Tree Grate – 3/4" cast iron grate
  • Frame - 1/4" steel angle

Tree Grate Frame
Steel angle frames used to position and mount the tree grate are available.

Logos and Lettering
The Courtyard tree grates can have custom lettering and logos inserted at an additional cost.

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Choose 36, 48 or 60 inch diameter or length; raw, powdercoat finish; and color.
* Tree Grates are not offered in Duracoat finish.

Courtyard Square Products
CT8-2011 36 inch square 36" x 36" 115lbs.
CT8-2111 48 inch square 48" x 48" 200lbs.
CT8-2211 60 inch square 60" x 60" 300lbs.


All tree grate materials are 100% post-consumer materials. These materials are derived from the melting of shredded auto bodies, scrap steel, used engine blocks etc. No pig iron is utilized in this production process. All styles are 100% recyclable. For more information about SiteScapes sustainable products and policies, please refer to our environmental statement.

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